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No Handshake. No Problem

Anxious about having a service technician come to your home? We understand and have implemented new customer safety protocols to help alleviate your concerns during the Coronavirus outbreak. Your professional Precision Door technician will:

  • Wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer
  • Will maintain a respectful distance and no longer proactively shake your hand
  • Offer no-paper or no-signature options
  • Allow you to call-in your payment over the phone (instead of handing us your credit card)
  • Upon request, wear disposable plastic gloves for each new customer interaction.

Additionally, we have asked all our employees to stay home and contact their doctor if they have any cold or flu symptoms.

We take your and our employee’s health seriously and ask for your understanding. Using these customer safety protocols, we can continue to provide the 5-Star level service you expect, while keeping everybody safe and worry free.

Thank you for your business!