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The Precision Door Advantage

Precision Garage Door of Connecticut is first and foremost a service company. Although we do sell new doors and openers, we do not manufacture or have any exclusive relationships with any manufacturer, vendor, or distributor. Our only goal is to provide you with the best service and best products available; and, to win you as a lifelong customer.

We do this by providing the Precision Door Advantage:

  • We provide service at a time that is convenient for you

  • Our normal business hours is Monday to Saturday 8 am to 8 pm and appointments are scheduled 24/7

  • We also provide emergency 24-hour service

  • We stock our trucks with all the parts to fix your garage door or opener the first time – we recognize that it is an inconvenience for you regardless of the time of the scheduled appointment, so we do everything we can to fix your problem in one visit

  • We provide the best warranty in the business

  • We use the best parts available; that’s why we provide the warranty that nobody else will!

  • We employ knowledgeable sales staff who are compensated by your satisfaction and not by the garage door you buy; the result is the garage door or opener that is right for you, not the one that’s right for them

  • We only employ highly trained and professionally trained technicians, who like our sales team is compensated by your satisfaction

  • We email you employee bios with pictures in our appointment confirmation so you know ahead of time who will be servicing your garage door; this way you can feel safe and confident when you greet your service technician

Precision Garage Door of Connecticut is one of more than 70 independently owned and operated Precision Door Service franchises. For over 20 years, Precision Door Service has been one of the leading overhead door repair and installation companies in North America.

The company started as a family owned business and organized into an informal partnership in 1997. As the company grew it developed the mission of becoming the best garage door company in America. To help achieve that goal, it started a franchise program in 1999. In that year, Precision Garage Door of Connecticut and Massachusetts was born and began operations in Massachusetts.

Precision Garage Door of Connecticut is singularly focused on providing our customers the service they want. In so doing we have earned a customer satisfaction rating of over 97% (“Satisfied” or “Well Satisfied”). We take this accomplishment very seriously and have developed our corporate culture around the goal of providing superior customer service.